November 21, 2018

I’m a hard worker and assumed this would soon become apparent to my new FBI squad. I expected my supervisor to assign me good cases, not the dog-eared ones I found on my desk. It became apparent that if I wanted to shine, I’d need to seize my own opportunities and not wait for them to be handed over.

It’s easy to wait for approval; it’s a lot harder to take initiative. People want to get noticed and take control of their careers, but it can be hard to catch the attention of the C-suite.

Successful people are proactive self-starters. They provide value beyond what’s asked of them. A product of value will prove itself. The good news is that other people will also see its value.

Few things in life are handed to us on a platter and with a smile. Most of us need to use mental toughness to push past our comfort zone if we want to move ahead. In order to take charge of your career, you often have to be the one to take the initiative. Don’t wait for someone else to create your opportunities — create them yourself.

Here are four dumb reasons you don’t seize big opportunities (and how you can change that):

1. Inaccurate assessment of strengths and talents

Many people believe that self-promotion can help them move up the ladder of success because it gets them a seat at the table. Problems arise, however, if they sell themselves too aggressively when they aren’t ready for the opportunity. Blue flamers are often impatient and seek to cut corners to maintain momentum. These are the folks who give self-starters a bad reputation. They don’t have the talent to take it to the next level. ……….

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